Our experience in track & trace
over the last decade

Everthing started
in 2009

It was back then when our founder (at that time founder and CEO of Movilitas Consulting AG) based on previous experiences in Track & Trace implementations to comply with Pharma legislations in China and Turkey, won a consulting engagement at the Council of Europe (EDQM – European Directorate Quality of Medicines). During this Consulting engagement, his team and himself, wrote the user and business requirements for the future Pan-European service for track & trace of medicines.

10 from top 30

From 2009 to 2016 working under Movilitas Consulting, we worked with 10 out of the 30 top pharma companies in the world to design and implement their global Track and Trace Initiatives to comply with China, Turkey, EU and USA Track & Trace legislations.

The EU Directive

which entered into force in April 2015 was the next push for T&T as it obliged any civil company handling explosives in Europe to do full track & trace from the point of manufacturing up to the point of consumption. Within this context, we built in 2014 and 2015 for the largest civil explosives company in the world a Track & Trace solution that helped all their Sub distributors and end Customers become Track & Trace compliant on time.


DG Sante workshops

Two of our 3 founding partners have participated in the DG Sante workshops in Stockholm, Madrid, and Bucharest in order to understand the reach of TPD and create TPD implementation guidelines and best practices.

Over 100 TPD projects successfully implemented

We are TPD-enabling dozens of factories and hundreds of warehouses from 5 Tobacco manufacturers to ensure they are compliant with TPD before end of May 2019.

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Three founding partners

Alberto Zamora

Principal consultant SAP SI and Global Ramp-up Driver at SAP AG in Walldorf

Co-Founder and CEO Movilitas Consulting AG (acquired in 2012 by Chicago based equity partner Key Stone Capital – Peak-Ryzex)

Co-Founder and CEO Movilizer GmbH (acquired in 2016 by Honeywell Inc., Morris Town New York)

Co-Founder Movicoders SA (Spain)

Stefan Wawrzinek

Head Product Management SAP Mobile at SAP AG

Global Head Professional Services Movilitas Consulting AG and Movilizer GmbH

Business Unit Director Logistic Sovanta AG

Matthias Jungblut

Interface and Product Specialist at Siemens AG

Demand- and Deliverymanager at Deutsche Telekom AG

Global Head Project Delivery at Honeywell, Movilitas Consulting AG and Movilizer GmbH

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