Learn how Coca-Cola Hellenic Manages Efficient and Sustainable Last Mile Distribution with osapiens HUB and SAP

July 30th



Join us for an insightful fireside chat where experts from Coca-Cola Hellenic, osapiens, and SAP share the latest best practices for effective and sustainable direct distribution operations.

Keynote Highlights:

  • Discuss the intricacies of dealing with demanding customers, high workloads, ambitious sustainability goals, and cost pressures.
  • Explore how solutions such as the osapiens HUB and SAP Direct Distribution, help overcome these challenges.
  • Understand how Coca-Cola Hellenic achieves high customer satisfaction and the lessons learned in operating efficiently.
  • Discover how you can measure success and manage paperless processes to streamline operations.


Expert Panel:
Our experts will share their insights and real-world stories from both the direct distribution and mobile execution perspectives, covering topics such as:

  • Last mile distribution to the point of sale
  • Route planning and intelligent delivery predictions
  • Managing real-time order and inventory information
  • Full-service vending operations
  • Integration between the osapiens HUB and SAP modules
  • Fleet management and maintenance

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The experts who will participate in this webinar are:
Angel Boyanov

Angel Boyanov

Platform Manager Logistics & RTM
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Anthony Molina

Anthony Molina

SAP Global Solution Director - Direct Distribution (Consumer Products)
SAP Logo

Katelijne van Renterghem

Katelijne van Renterghem

Head of Sales Operations Efficiency

Peter Fotyi

Peter Fotyi

Project Manager & Solution Architect