osapiens EUDR Workshop

July 23, 2024



We would like to invite you and your colleagues to the osapiens EUDR Workshop on July 23, 2024. This workshop is dedicated to the implementation of deforestation-free supply chains according to the EUDR and offers you the opportunityto explore both the challenges and opportunities for your company.”


13:15 – 13:30: Introduction (Matthias Jungblut, osapiens)

EUDR Phase 1: Determining Scope and Onboarding Procedures

13:30 – 14:00:

  • Scope of application, supply chain and onboarding of supply chains (Julia Hörnig, Graf von Westphalen)
  • Update on osapiens HUB for EUDR (Matthias Jungblut, osapiens)

EUDR Phase 2: Assessing and Managing Risks

14:00 – 14:30:

  • Risk Analysis – Geolocalization and Legality (Julia Hörnig, Graf von Westphalen)
  • Risk analysis in osapiens HUB (Lukas Ketzer, osapiens)

10 min break

EUDR Phase 3: Getting the Supply Chain Rolling

14:40 – 15:30:

  • Legal background of participants further down the supply chain and role of authorized representatives (Julia Hörnig, Graf von Westphalen)
  • Internal tracking for production companies (Patrick Lanz, osapiens)
  • Hands on – How to tackle EUDR. Implementation and onboarding (Moritz Harraeus, osapiens)

15:30 – 16:00 Open Discussion & Q&A

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