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Are you willing to work hard and learn IT?

Then here you will get your opportunity.

What is the opportunity about?

In the OSAPIENS foundation we aim to give an opportunity to learn IT to anyone willing to work hard. For this reason we have created a program in which YOU LEARN and WE (OSAPIENS and associated enterprises) PAY for it.


  • You will work in real IT projects for real life Enterprises and with help of our tutors
  • You will develop software programs in various languages (Java, Javascript, CSS etc.) and learn several databases (SQL, no SQL)
  • You will work with user interface technologies around UX Design and AR/VR (Adobe Photoshop, Unity etc.)
  • You will understand enterprise processes and how Information Technologies (IT) can improve them
  • You will manage timelines, run workshops, trainings and test cycles and you will work in a multinational team
  • You will polish you English (English language is a requirement as courses are in English)
  • You will learn Spanish (Spanish will be thought to foreign students in a 1 hour / day voluntary Spanish course).


  • Readiness to work hard to learn coding and IT
  • Readiness to be away from home for at least 2 years (with exception of the Christmas and Summer breaks)
  • Transport cost (flights, trains, buses) to get from your place of residence to our Pilot Campus in Huesca (Spain)

No more costs. Tuition fees as well as lodging, food, visa applications and medical insurance are covered and you don’t have to pay for any of those.


Step 1: apply by registering here (course starting Sept. 2019)

Registration was sent

Step 2: we will contact you to arrange several Interviews (online and F2F)

We are filling right now the places for the year starting in September 2019. As for next year, we still have numerus clausus; this means that we will have to interview you before we can commit you a slot in the program.

Step 3: after the interviews you are IN

Should you pass the interview process, then you are in. Book your travel tickets and we will find a sponsor for you so that you can enjoy learning and working in IT for the next 2 or 3 years (depending on the program).

FAQ – frequently asked questions

  • Question 1: what are the pre-requisites to be interviewed?

    Because we need to start somewhere, for now we are focusing on candidates with the following qualifications:

    • Has any kind of university degree (5 years degree ideal). No matter which one.
    • Has been abroad for at least 6 months in total
    • Has a very good level of English

    If you don´t fulfil the first requirement (university degree) don’t give up! Stay tuned, because we hope that in years to come we will be able to lower the bar. Our aim and long-term vision is that anyone, really anyone, willing to work hard can get an opportunity. The second and third requirements are different. Being ready to spend 6 months abroad doing anything (e.g. Au-pair, kitchen or restaurant works or hotels) is just proving that you have the WILL. You don´t even need money to do it because you can easily find a job to cover your cost. Therefore, if you don´t fulfil this requirement today, pack your backpack and go on a 6 months trip. Away from home. Once you come back apply again. Regarding your English: in few years from now, not knowing IT and not speaking English will be like 200 years ago being analphabetic. We will work with you to get you up to speed in IT, but you need to bring the English. But hey, 6 months abroad is probably exactly what you need to get fluent in English; and if this does not work, make it 12!

  • Question 2: how long is the program for?
  • Question 3: do I really need to be in the Huesca Pilot Campus all the time?

    Yes, this is the whole point. You will not only learn from teachers and online courses, but you will actually learn the most from working with your Tutors and peer-mentors. They will all be at the campus and therefore you need to be onsite.

  • Question 4: how much money should I have so that I can afford to join the program?

    Again, nothing, really! You just need to cover the cost to get from your place to our pilot Campus in Huesca (Spain). We will take care of the rest: tuition fees as well as lodging, food, visa process and medical insurance.

  • Question 5: what if I know a company that is interested in becoming a sponsor?

    This is great! We are always looking for sponsors to join our network of associated Enterprises. Also, if you want this one sponsor to sponsor you, they can do so, because our sponsors always have the option to choose among all the students that have applied for a slot in the program.

  • Question 6: do I get an official academical degree / certificate?

    Go back to question 2 and read it more carefully ;-)

  • Question 7: what about the Visa process? What about medical insurance?

    We don´t care at all about your nationality, gender or age. All we care about is that you are really WILLING. Therefore, if you are from abroad (even from abroad of the EU) we will help you process the student-Visa so that you can spend the required 2 or 3 years at our campus in Huesca.

  • Question 8: what about IT equipment like Laptops / mobile phones etc.?

    In the 21 century we expect everybody to own some kind of laptop computer and a mobile phone. If you do bring it with you. If you don´t own one, go buy one and start learning at home how to use it before you apply again.

  • Question 9: will I have a break in Christmas and summer to go home? What about weekends?

    Yes, you get time off in Christmas and time off in summer. We strongly recommend however that you don’t leave every Weekend the campus. There will be a lot of group learning activities going on during the weekends as as well as cultural, sport events and mentorship opportunities. It would be really sad that you miss out all these opportunities to personally grow also in your free time!

  • Question 10: when can I start?

    Both programs, the 2 years program as well as the 3 years program, always start end of September. Currently we are recruiting the first batch of students to start in September 2019.

  • Question 11: why in Huesca (Spain)?

    There we found the right balance of:

    • A city located in Spain, where foreign students (e.g. English natives) get the chance to learn Spanish, the second most learned language in the world after English.
    • A low-cost city for everything: lodging, food and going out
    • A great city to enjoy: in the same weekend you can decide whether to go skying (under 1 hour drive) or to the beach (2 hours drive).

    OK, Huesca does not have the best communications, but nobody is perfect ;-) and since most of the work with the Sponsors is done remotely it does not really matters. Still from Huesca you can reach Barcelona in less than 2 hours (by train) or 2,5 by car and Madrid also in in less than 2 hours (by train) or 3,5 hours by car. So it is not sooo bad.