Digital Supply chain

osapiens is your one Supply Chain partner. Instead of selling standard solutions, we analyse jointly what it is that you really need. It does not matter if your company is still mostly commissioning on paper or is already having a sophisticated ERP system in place. We stick to highest Supply Chain standards and quickly bring your company to the next level! The following questions we are often asked by some of our customers:

We are still struggling with exchanging the most basic information with our suppliers, contract manufacturers and 3PLs. How can I even think about digitalising my Supply Chain?

Well, maybe a digital exchange platform run on global communication standards is easier to build than point to point interfaces.

Is my organisation ready for a digital Supply Chain? We are having dozens of different warehouse management systems and even a couple of legacy ERPs in different countries. Some sites are even run by Excel…

Like for many things in live, you cannot really wait until you are ready. While waiting, it might eventually hit you, when it is too late. You need to start with what you have. This is a question of smart digital investments. Add a digital front-end to your legacy back-end and later replace the old part, when you are ready for it. 

How can I go from a low-tech Supply Chain to a digital Supply Chain with a rather limited budget?

You can achieve this with a Digital Supply Chain Roadmap. It is a master plan with connected dots. The dots are the quick-wins. These kind of projects are almost cost-neutral for your organisation with a 9 to 12 month ROI and help you finance long-term investments through reusable technological components.

Does “digital” mean that I need to put my data in the block-chain and label all my products with RFID?

We don’t think it does. From our experience we know that TODAY the value of “digital” lies in “datadriven”. Whatever happens in your Supply Chain, you need to be able to capture, store and exchange the data in order to analyse it. Neither does it matter, if you use barcodes, dotcodes or RFIDs to generate the data, nor does matter if you use capture data, block-chain, non-SQL or SQL databases to store the data. We are as flexible as your Supply Chain to get you data-driven.

The costs of our Supply Chain keeps rising. How can a digitalisation help us cut costs on a short-term basis?

Many of our customers started with such a financial motivation. There are many opportunities that you can leverage easily when digitalising you Supply Chain, such as collectingdata to quickly find inefficiencies in you Supply Chain.

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