Warehouse Management

The osapiens team has a long history in Warehouse Management. We have implemented and improved warehouses with all different levels of automation. Depending on what goals you hare having for your company, we will provide individual guidance and the right tools to get your warehouse as efficient as possible. Our customers often ask us the following questions:

Some of our warehouses are still run on an Excel or even on paper. We don’t have budget to buy mobile devices, nor to buy expensive WMS applications. What do you suggest?

Well, if you have a small warehouse operation, then you might not need that. Maybe you can run it within an Excel-like application linked to a smart-phone running a simple app like Movilizer.

Our central warehouse is already high-tech and quite digital with picking tunnels, pick-by-voice and pick-to-light technologies. Our current challenges are more regarding ad-hoc and remote warehouses like customer consignment stocks or cross-docking.

We have helped dozens of customers with customer consignments and cross-docking by finding technology components that allowed them to use an app. The app is downable on any smart phone and works offline as well as on public networks like 4G/3G or even EDGE/GPRS! An example of such a technology is the Honeywell Movilizer for Ad-hoc warehouses.

Our company is running SAP, but we are still on SAP WM. Should we now move to SAP eWM? When does it make sense to move to SAP eWMand when not? Could also S4H be a valid option?

Together with our partner The Config Team we have build a decision matrix to determine when it makes sense for you to staty with IM, WM or to move to eWM and if so how to use the opportunity to start introducing SAP S4H on the back of a SAP eWM project.

Our company is running SAP IM in some locations and SAP WM in others. We are not planning to introduce eWM. However, we are sick of using SAP Console and SAP ITS mobile in the ultra-old warehouse devices. Is there anything better out there?

Yes, of course there is! Together with our partner, The Config Team, we are able to convert any existing ITS mobile or SAP Console ABAP transaction into a Movilizer Movelet. A technology that runs on any PDA or smart phone (not only on old rugged devices). It also works offline and allows you to use all features from your smartphones like camera, GPS, and touch screen for signature.

We do not have a Warehouse Management System, yet, but would like to know what exact quantities we have in stock. At the same time we don’t want our employees to have additional workload. What way would you suggest to accomplish this?

For most of our customers it is a vital requirement for the solution to not create higher workload. For such customers we make sure that the solutions fit right into the existing processes to improve the workflow for employees while also implementing a precise warehouse management. Our change management experts will further make sure that changes will run smoothly at lowest costs possible.

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