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Corporate Sustainability

osapiens HUB helps businesses grow with automated transparency & efficiency for a compliant sustainability reporting & strategy.

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Driven by a vision:

Focus of our solutions

osapiens supports global companies from various industries in establishing sustainability within their organizations and positioning themselves for the future. To achieve this, osapiens develops holistic Software-as-a-Service solutions that create transparency and sustainable growth along the entire value chain, fulfill legal ESG requirements, and automate manual processes.

The company leverages its cloud-based technology platform, the ‚osapiens HUB‘, and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence to help companies seamlessly implement and automate compliance with international and national ESG laws and guidelines, including CSRD, EUDR, and CSDDD, and to further ensure accountable sustainability reporting. The osapiens HUB is continuously being developed and expanded to accomodate new solutions for evolving ESG regulations, as well as solutions for improved transparency and efficiency.

osapiens aims to not only strengthen companies economically but also promote human rights and ecologically sustainable and responsible corporate governance as the global standard.

osapiens was founded in Germany in 2018 and currently serves over 1,200 customers worldwide. The company is headquartered in Mannheim and has offices in Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, London and Maine (USA). osapiens employs over 300 people from 60 countries. In 2022, osapiens was honoured with the German Founder Award in the ‚Rising Star‘ category.

Leadership Team


Alberto Zamora

Co-Founder & CEO

Matthias Jungblut

Co-Founder & CPO

Stefan Wawrzinek

Co-Founder & COO

Jochen Morsbach

Chief Legal & People Officer

Jörg Bernauer

Chief Technology Officer

Dagmar Zoder

Executive VP Sales

Lucas Ziegler

Executive VP Finance

osapiens - the ESG platform to make an impact

“Sapiens” is a latin word meaning „one who knows“ and “o” symbolizes the latin expression “omnes simul” meaning “all together”. osapiens helps improving sustainability worldwide by enabling companies with transparency & efficiency to make the right long-term decisions.

What is osapiens


A SaaS global company with customers in 60+ countries


Top tech talent that builds and operates the osapiens HUB


Great user group and network of experts collaborating to build osapiens HUB run solutions that enable growth with Corporate Sustainability

osapiens culture


We celebrate teamwork

We believe successful development and implementation of our software solutions depend on our close collaboration with our customers and partners.


We work in the sweet spot between start-up and corporate

We provide high level of standards and quality in each project while being adaptable and agile to fit perfectly to your needs.


We lead by acting fast and with competence

We lead our projects with an open and forward-thinking mindset. In every project, we are personally and professionally invested and we make a difference.

What our customers say

Corporate Sustainability

Europe’s unique selling point is quality of life. And quality of life is defined by things like clean water, clean air, safe parks, affordable health care and education, guaranteed basic human rights and freedom, governments or institutions with low corruption etc. In short: Environment (E), Social (S) and Governance (G). To protect them, the EU has enacted a myriad of ESG laws that have unintentionally unleashed a real tsunami of ESG legislation that is hitting EU companies with a new level of bureaucracy. To solve this problem we have created the osapiens HUB. The osapiens HUB automates compliance, creates transparency and enables growth.

osapiens Mission

The osapiens mission is to help companies grow with Corporate Sustainability and for this purpose we have built and operate the osapiens HUB. The only HUB with the Artificial Intelligence power to translate business partner & product transparency into Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive disclosures to generate your CSRD report. The only HUB with industry specific libraries of CSRD Impacts, Risks and Opportunities, the so called IROs for your double materiality assessment. The only HUB that materializes both: Corporate Sustainability Reporting & Strategy.

Focus of our solutions



The osapiens HUB enables you to fully comply with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act and the Whistleblower Directive, to calculate your corporate carbon footprint and, in the future, to comply with the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive.



The osapiens HUB enables you to fully comply with multiple track & trace related directives and the Deforestation Regulation, to calculate your product carbon footprint, and, in the future, to comply with the Product Passport Directive.



Our solutions are built to innovate and optimise the efficiency of your day-to-day operations, reduce your CO2 emissions, extend the life of your machinery and reduce energy consumption and waste. It is your daily operations that make your business more sustainable.

Operating globally

Teamed up in 9 locations

We are a strong team with over 40 nationalities that guarantees customer satisfaction.
Based out of Mannheim – operating globally.


osapiens headquarters
Glücksteinallee 69, 68163, Mannheim, Germany


Paul-Lincke Ufer 42, 10999 Berlin, Germany


Maarweg 133, 50825 Cologne, Germany


Freddie-Mecury-Str. 5, 80797 Munich, Germany


Schloßlände 26, 85049 Ingolstadt, Germany


Calle de Méndez Álvaro 20, 28045 Madrid, Spain


82 Avenue du Maine, 75014 Paris, France


Barbara Strozzilaan 101, 1083 HN Amsterdam, Netherlands


850 New Burton Road, Suite 201, Dover, DE 19904, USA