Improving last mile delivery with osapiens HUB and SAP

July 30th



Learn from the Best: Coca-Cola’s Success with osapiens Hub
At LMD Day, we are excited to welcome a Coca-Cola speaker who will share how osapiens Hub has revolutionized their last mile delivery. Learn how this iconic brand improved efficiency and customer satisfaction, providing valuable lessons for optimizing logistics processes.

Mobile Focus: One-Stop-Shop from Distribution to Point of Sale
osapiens Hub is a mobile solution for efficient last mile delivery. By covering distribution to point of sale, our tools optimize routes, manage fleets, and streamline deliveries from a single platform, taking logistics to the next level.

Tailored to SAP: Deep Integration from the SAP Ecosystem
Designed for the SAP ecosystem, osapiens Hub seamlessly integrates with SAP systems, enhancing data management, real-time visibility, and process automation, maximizing efficiency in your distribution operations.


Introduction to osapiens Hub for mobile LMD

End-to-end processes with osapiens Hub and SAP integration

Insights from Coca Cola Hellenic


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The experts who will participate in this webinar are:

Peter Fotyi

Project manager at osapiens